Sunday, February 17, 2013

Creating Positive Incentives-Super-Hero-Squad

Creating Positive Incentives- Super-Hero-Squad

My 6 year old boy LOVES the Super-Hero-Squad . He can play out all of the characters; Ironman, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk (his favorite at the moment). It's so much fun to watch his imagination grow as he makes up his own story lines, and makes up girl characters for his little sister to play. It's also good fun when she wiggles into one of his Super Hero costumes with the extra muscles... runs downstairs and announces that she is Captain America! He doesn't quite know what to say or how to react... and she is so excited to play with him. It's really quite amusing, and my husband and I always have a little giggle.
To incentivize him for school we buy about 4-5 super hero action figures at a time, and if he gets top scores at school... and he reaches 5 days of outstanding behavior (they are rated daily by their teachers on a number scale of 1-35) he gets to chose a toy to open! He loves this incentive, and so do the teachers. We have seen great improvements in his school work and behaviors since implementing this incentive. We use to choose which toys he wants to earn, and then they ship them to the door. They have a wide variety of super hero toys to choose from, and it's super easy. Happy toy hunting!

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