Saturday, February 23, 2013

Create Easter Traditions

   Easter is coming quickly, and the trees are beginning to bloom outside! Spring is almost here!
  All the stores have their spring lines coming in, and I LOVE all of the color and excitement. She is soooo excited that she has already found her Easter dress at Frost Me Baby (See the dress on the Frost Me Baby Blog). We are still looking for the perfect Easter basket...
  Bella and I have been planning our easter egg decorating, and what treats we will make on Easter Day. There are several large Easter Egg Hunts in our area... and we must choose one to attend. Sooooo exciting!!
  Celebrate fun holidays, and create experiences that your step kids will carry with them for a lifetime. These are the moments that help them to enjoy their lives, and create family traditions!

  • Shop for the perfect dress and accessories 
  • Find a lovely Easter Basket
  • Easter Egg patterns and dipping packages
  • Plan a fun menu that will tickle their senses with color                            
  • Choose an Easter Egg Hunt in your area
            • Coordinate with their friend's parents so they can join in on the Hunt! Always more fun in numbers!                  

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