Sunday, March 3, 2013

Top Ten Toys For Little Girls

I've had some questions about what toys little girls like above all else. I can only answer from my own experience with my 4 year old and her friends. Here is a list of their favorites:
1. Barbie - Barbie Dolls, Barbie Cars, Barbie Unicorns,
and Barbie Clothes
2. Disney Princesses - Cinderella, Rapunzel, Belle, and
Merida are her top favorites
3. Doll Houses with furniture
4. Polly Pocket
5. Jewelry - Everything pink and anything that sparkles.
6. Nail Polish & Lip Gloss - They LOVE to have their nails painted, and wear flavored lip gloss.
7. Princess/Fairy Dress-Up - Dresses, crowns, slippers, lip gloss, wings, and everything frilly.
8. Hello Kitty
9. Tea Parties - Tea Sets, Plates, Silverware, Fake food to serve, and multi level cake plates.
10. Bath Toys - Barbie Mermaid Tale toys (Their hair changes color in the hot water), Ariel toys,
and bubble bath.

I hope this helps finding gifts for your daughters, step-daughters, and grand daughters.

By Kat Johnson

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