Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Topic That All Makes Us Scratch Our Heads - Lice

Lice in Schools - We all dread the note that comes home from our child's school explaining that one or more students have lice, and to check our child. Just talking about this makes my head itch! Here is the BEST solution for LICE PREVENTION, and it's call Fairy Tales (see picture). This leave-in conditioner has all natural plant extracts that repel lice. Yes, that's right... REPELS LICE!! It smells great with hints of rosemary, and it's completely non-toxic. I have used this every year, and we have not had one case of lice at our house. I know that they also carry other products to remove lice... but we have not had to use any of those. This is the BEST line of defense that I have found to keep lice away from my kids. I know it's an unpleasant topic, but from what I have seen, and read lately it seems to be an epidemic in the public and private school systems. Use this after their bath or shower, and leave it in their hair. The Fairy Tales repels lice, and it's also a great detangler. May you be forever lice free! 

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